How To: curl the Openstack API’s (v3 Keystone Auth)

While Openstack provides a python client(s) for interactions….

I frequently, finding myself needing to get data out of it without the pain of awk/sed’ing out the ASCII art. Thus to quickly access the raw data, we can directly query the API’s using curl & parsing JSON instead, which is much better šŸ™‚ Authentication Before […]

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How To: Add A Compute Node To Openstack Icehouse Using Packstack

Pre-requisites This article is a continuation on the previous article I wrote on how to do a single nodeĀ all-in-oneĀ (AIO)Ā Openstack Icehouse install using Redhat’s packstack. A working OpenstackĀ AIO installation using packstack is required for this article.Ā If you do not already have a functioningĀ AIO install of Openstack pleaseĀ refer to the previous article beforeĀ continuing on to this articles […]

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