Consul for Service Discovery

Why Service Discovery ? Service Discovery effectively replaces the process of having to manually assign or automate your own DNS entries for nodes on your network. Service Discovery aimsĀ to move even further away from treating VM’s like pets to cattle, by getting rid of the age old practice of Hostname & FQDN having contextual value.

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How To: curl the Openstack API’s (v3 Keystone Auth)

While Openstack provides a python client(s) for interactions….

I frequently, finding myself needing to get data out of it without the pain of awk/sed’ing out the ASCII art. Thus to quickly access the raw data, we can directly query the API’s using curl & parsing JSON instead, which is much better šŸ™‚ Authentication Before

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How To: Add A Compute Node To Openstack Icehouse Using Packstack

Pre-requisites This article is a continuation on the previous article I wrote on how to do a single nodeĀ all-in-oneĀ (AIO)Ā Openstack Icehouse install using Redhat’s packstack. A working OpenstackĀ AIO installation using packstack is required for this article.Ā If you do not already have a functioningĀ AIO install of Openstack pleaseĀ refer to the previous article beforeĀ continuing on to this articles

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