Month: August 2015

Object-Oriented Programming With Python : Inheritance (2/3)

Continuing on our Object-Oriented Programming with Python series, this is article 2 of 3 on the 2nd pillar, Inheritance. You can find the first article about Encapsulation in this series here. Inheritance – The Second Pillar Inheritance in OOP is the ability to have one class inherit the attributes of another class. Inheritance is

Introducing Vault

Vault Vault is a command line utility for encrypting & decrypting things. Those things are stored on disk in hidden files, meaning in *nix they simply have a ‘.’ in front and don’t show up unless you type ls -la 😉 But anyway, who cares if someone can locate the files

Runner Features Have Been Updated !

Runner Reminder Runner is a command line tool for running commands on thousands of devices that support SSH. I wrote Runner and use it every single day, because unlike Ansible, Runner truly has no dependencies on the client or server side other than SSH. I have used Runner to build

Object-Oriented Programming With Python : Encapsulation (1/3)

Justification For Learning OOP Since 1995, I have written some form of code, but over the years my career has never taken shape with a primary focus on development. Instead in my various roles of Systems, Network, Application and Datacenter engineering & architecture, I have found excuses to let the inner