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Deployment Architecture & Stateless vs. Stateful Services

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The following is intended to be a primer on deployment architecture for systems engineers & software engineers. This is the first architecturally focused post on this blog. The hope is that it will serve as a foundation for future architecturally focused blog posts that I hope you find value in. The Motivation For This Article […]

How To: Enable SSH On A Cisco 2950

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First you have to make sure you are running a version of code that has encryption. See my previous article for instructions on how to upgrade the code. Once your code is upgraded, here are the steps to enable SSH on a Cisco 2950. Generate An SSH Key

Verify your key like so


How To: Upgrade IOS On A Cisco 2950

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My cisco 2950 came with an older IOS version 12.1, but more importantly, one that does not support encryption, and thus I cannot use SSH. I need to upgrade the code aka IOS Image on this switch to enable SSH. So here we go, I’ll be referencing the following guide : http://kb.promise.com/KnowledgebaseArticle10139.aspx throughout this how to article. […]

Object-Oriented Programming With Python : Inheritance (2/3)

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Continuing on our Object-Oriented Programming with Python series, this is article 2 of 3 on the 2nd pillar, Inheritance. You can find the first article about Encapsulation in this series here. Inheritance – The Second Pillar Inheritance in OOP is the ability to have one class inherit the attributes of another class. Inheritance is simple to implement, but arguably […]