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Setting up Kubernetes to manage containers on the Google Cloud Platform

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These days the pace of innovation in DevOps can leave you feeling like you’re jogging on a treadmill programmed to run faster than Usain Bolt. Mastery requires hours of practice and the last decade in DevOps has not allowed for it. Before gaining 10 years of experience running virtual machines using VmWare in private data-centers, […]

How To: Create An AWS Lambda Function To Backup/Snapshot Your EBS Volumes

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AWS Lambda functions are a great way to run some code on a trigger/schedule without needing a whole server dedicated to it. They can be cost effective, but be careful depending on how long they run, and the number of executions per hour, they can be quite costly as well. For my use case, I […]

MongoDB data loss avoided courtesy of AWS EBS & Snapshots

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Cross Region MongoDB Across A Slow Network (Napster) Bad, AWS Snapshots (Metallica) Good! I recently found myself in a bit of a pickle. My team and I had deployed a 3 node MongoDB cluster configured as two nodes in us-east-1 and one node in us-west-2 to maximize our availability while minimizing cost. Ultimately, there were two problems […]